BPO – Business Process Outsourcing

Customer Service

To promote your business and mainly generate profit

Virtual Connection has complete and dynamic BPO solutions that are adapted to every need and that have the flexibility to meet client goals. Our commitment is to quality that builds confidence, overcomes challenges, reduces costs and improves the business performance of our clients. We have the expertise and methodologies needed to minimize the impacts of migration and deployment, reduce learning curves and ensure compliance with SLAs, which allow our clients to:


  • Complete outsourcing infrastructure (facilities, people and technology).
  • Provide information, answer questions and address suggestions and complaints from your customers.
  • Experienced customer service teams employing management models and customized methodologies.


  • Outbound and inbound Telesales e online interactions (social networks, chat and Whatsapp).
  • Automated dialer, reverse IVR , and other related technologies.
  • Planning and management teams, focused on reaching and exceeding targets.
  • Experienced sales attendants, continually trained, updated and aligned with client strategies.


We provide dynamic solutions for receivables management, support and relations for delinquent payers, efficiency in activating positive outcomes, feedback on late payments and expected cash flow and winning back customers. We work to prevent and overcome obstacles and thereby improve operational and business indicators.
  • A specialized team responsible for managing indicators, strategic partnerships, innovations and the stages of the collection process.

Back Office

Support operations with optimized solutions for each client. We offer back office management with monitoring and solutions at every step of the process – providing greater productivity and lower operating costs. Our focus is on solutions, optimizing processes and increasing performance.

Decentralized Contact Center:
Development for cities and results for clients

Virtual Connection maintains and provides your customers with site infrastructure in big cities and small towns throughout Brazil.

Our differentials:

  • Cloud Computing Technology
  • Call flows in different time zones
  • Call overflow to centers with greater capacity
  • The best professionals
  • Superior quality and indicators of excellence
  • Customer Care and Consumers speaking the same language