PPC – Production Planning and Control

We look at the present for to see the future

PPC – Production Planning and Control – is an essential tool for improving existing resources based on demand from customer service operations. Efficient performance indicators allow us to define a future vision from which we can plan, evaluate and improve our operations.

Thorough analysis and improvement of results

e purpose of Virtual Connection’s PPC is to achieve operational excellence by improving service quality. This in turn leads to higher revenues, lower costs and most importantly, greater customer satisfaction.

Get to know PCP.
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Some periodic metrics -KPIs

  • TMA- Average Handling Time (based on call type)
  • Charts and Call volume
  • TMO - Average call length
  • Calls waiting
  • Calls abandoned
  • Sales per channel
  • Sales conversion rate
  • Service Level
  • Quartile Analysis
  • Adherence, and others.