MEX – Customer Experience Monitoring

Customer satisfaction evaluated from every angle

The success of any customer service operation depends on understanding the expectations, opinions and satisfaction of your customers. MEX fulfills this requirement in flexible, impartial and practical ways, with solutions that are appropriately scaled and priced for your business.

Monitoring and quality translated into results

MEX analyzes, identifies and proposes improvements for all types of customer service. Consequently, MEX contributes to achieving indicators and results for customer service centers that result in better customer experiences.

Makes all the difference in understanding the experience of your customers

We are committed to achieving and sustaining continuous improvement in our customer service processes so that we can ensure high quality standards and provide competitive value to the market.
  • Mystery Shopper: we test and evaluate our customer service solutions from first contact until completion.
  • Auditing the Customer Service Process: we audit customer service from first contact to the final use of our solutions, services and products.
  • Quality (Assurance) Monitoring: we monitor contacts from your customers with a focus on service excellence and improving our Call Center. We use this data and information to find points to improve and as content for the training and continuous education of our operators.
  • Feedback Monitoring: feedback is monitored to measure the performance of our operators, improve customer service and reach operational targets.
  • Results Analysis and Action Planning: consolidating necessary goals, providing micro and macro business objectives.