UCC – University Contact Center

Transforming professionals into customer relationship experts

Training and continuous improvement are key to the performance of customer service professionals. To meet these needs, Virtual Connection created UCC – University Contact Center. UCC’s team is specialized in Corporate Education, Distance Education and Contact Centers and is therefore prepared to provide training anywhere on the internet through its infrastructure and unique ODL models. In addition to closed courses, UCC can develop and adapt any content for distance learning, offering complete training infrastructure and specific techniques to improve adherence to customer service indicators.

UCC - University Contact Center

The University Contact Center was formed in late 2013 with the noble objective of generating and fostering knowledge of customer relationship management. UCC is a private institution that benefits from the expertise of professionals trained by experience and who occupy decision-making positions in major Brazilian (podemos retirar Brasil) and multinational organizations.

The UCC mission:

Our goal is to bring together the very best in customer relationship management in order to create a superior experience for participants and fulfill our mission to generate and transfer knowledge to our students. We strive to educate professionals in the best practices of the industry and support career planning that leads to leadership positions grounded in knowledge.


We strive to maintain a high level of knowledge generation throughout the cycle of learning, development and generation of expertise – with an unwavering focus on achieving goals and results in the customer relationship market. In addition to its own courses, UCC’s specialists can also transform your company’s training into ODL courses using the most modern and intuitive e-learning resources in Brazil.
Virtual Connection provides its clients with sites located in major cities and smaller towns throughout Brazil.

UCC’s Team of Specialists:

  • Physicians specialized in workplace care
  • Lawyers specialized in labor
  • Audiologists
  • Psychologists
  • HR Consultants
  • Sales Consultants
  • Collections Consultants
  • Portuguese teacherss
  • Educators

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