Who are we

Who are we

A History of Success

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We are Virtual Connection. A group with innovative DNA who plans and executes solutions for relationship management. Through a solid structure, we receive projects, study their needs thoroughly, train teams and prepare everything in order to deliver the best solution for our customers.

At Virtual Connection, we create opportunities for social and digital development by means of Customer Service Solutions. We are pioneers in providing cloud-based Contact Centers in Brazil. Using exclusive technologies, we develop differentiated solutions in Contact Center Management, insuring practicality, safety, efficiency and the best results for our clients.

A history of success, see our time line

  • 2006

    Project Design of Virtual Connection

  • 2007

    Design of the Home Office Infrastructure and Concept

  • 2008

    Launching of Virtual Connection

  • 2009

    First Client Contract

  • 2010

    Redesign of Solution Portfolio

  • 2011

    Inauguration of Uberlândia site 1

  • 2012

    Growth rate of 250%
    New website and Branding

  • 2013

    Inauguration of Uberlândia site 2
    Launching of the Campinas subsidiary
    4th PECC Prize and XIII ABT Prize

  • 2014

    Launching of the Presidente Olegário
    CIC Brazil Prize, 5th PECC Prize and XIV ABT Prize

  • 2015

    Launching of the Rio de Janeiro subsidiary
    6th PECC Prize and XV ABT Prize

  • 2016

    Growth rate of 93%
    CIC Brazil Prize and XVI ABT Prize
    Best performance Prize

  • 2017

    Inauguration of the Miami subsidiary and of the new VC Experience Building
    CIC Brazil Prize and XVII ABT Prize
    Exame & Deloitte Prize "SMBs companies with highest growth level"

  • 2018

    Gold Award ABT with Estacio case
    Prize Silver ABT with the case Aguas de Guariroba
    CIC 2018 Award with Case in HR - The Leaders Factory
    Digital repositioning
    Site Design In House Jaguariuna
    President Olegário's Site Expansion Project
    Expansion project for Teresina-Pi "in house"
    Closing of contracts:
    - SKY Jaguarinuna and Sky Telesales
    - Albert Einstein
    - Serasa

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Our numbers


Number of units in Brazil, USA and Mexico


Cities with our Customer Service Solution


workstations of Customer´s Assistance, Telesales, Collection and Back Office


operation area


Data Center in strategic locations

24 hours operation

7 days per week operation

Innovation in practice: Benefits for the company and society.

We are specialists in customized solutions for several market sectors. We work passionately, using the most modern technological resources and high-performance human talents in a fully specialized service center, prepared to meet every need of our clients. Our purpose is to create the best experiences, turning relationships into value and development.


To be the best provider and partner of Solution on Customer Service - SCS for our clients.


 Always seek the best results for our clients;
 Build a positive team, with a family spirit;
 Do more with less;
 Always communicate with respect and transparency;
 Collaborate in the social and digital development of the communities where we work.


We leverage financial results for our customers in order to be the most desired company to work with in the customer relationship market.

Market recognition: Innovation with results.

These awards and market recognitions confirm Virtual Connection´s commitment to seek high levels of excellence in our products and services.

ABT 2013 Award - Category: Social Responsibility Home Office, quality service, with quality of life!

ABT 2014 Award - Category: Receptive Operations (Outsourcing Companies) Case Unichat Unimed

ABT 2015 Award - Category: Active Operations (Outsourcing Companies) NET Operations Monetization and Multi Combo

ABT 2016 Award - Category: People Management (Outsourcing Companies) Student Center

ABT 2017 Award - Category: Revelation Company, Internationalizing service management

ABT 2018 Award - Category - Communication Campaigns Teaching to attend with quality

PECC - 4 consecutive years (2013 to 2017)- Best Practices in Customer Relationship Management.

CIC BRASIL 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018 - Elected one of the best companies in Brazil for Customer Service and Relationships

BEST PERFORMANCE 2016 - Elected among the best companies in Excellence in the Practices of Training and Management of People

EXAME & DELOITTE 2017 - Second place among the Most Growing SMCs (Small Medium Companies) in Brazil