Turning Professionals into Relationship Specialists

Established at the end of 2013, the Contact Center University was born with the noble objective of generating and stimulating knowledge in the activity of customer relationship management. With the expertise of professionals, who are trained by the activity itself and holding decision marking positions in important Brazilian and multinational organizations. The Contact Center University is a private institution.

Training and constant improvement are fundamental to the good performance of service professionals. To meet these needs, Virtual Connection created the CCU - Contact Center University. With a team specializing in Corporate Education, Distance Education and Contact Center, UCC is able to bring training to any point on the Internet, through its structure and exclusive development models in Distance Learning. In addition to closed courses, CCU develops or adapts any content for ELP (E-Learning Program), offering a complete training structure and specific techniques to improve adherence indicators.

Objective of CCU:

Bring together the best in the business to create a superior experience for the students and comply with the hope of generating and transferring knowledge among professionals. We aim to educate professionals in the best practices of the segment and support them in their career goals in order to reach higher positions based on leadership-based knowledge.

Qualification program

CCU aims to deliver increased levels of knowledge throughout the learning cycle, with the goal of developing subject matter experts. CCU is focused on attaining customer relationship market goals and delivering results. In addition to its own courses, CCU also translates existing company training courses into ELP courses. They are developed by our specialists, using the most modern and intuitive e-learning resources in the country.


  • In Company: Leadership development programs with a variety of courses, seeking to deliver high behavioral and operational performance.
  • EAD: ELP - E-Learning Program Attachment II - NR17