Quality Improvement

Quality Improvement

Customer satisfaction evaluated in all aspects

The success of any service operation depends on the knowledge of the expectations, and the opinions and satisfactions of its clients. In this way, MEX acts in a flexible, impartial and practical way, with solutions for each need and costs appropriate to its business.

Monitoring and quality
translated into results

MEX performs the analysis and identifies improvements in various customer service situations, allowing you to reach your KPIs , positively impacting the customer experience from call center operations.

It makes all the difference
when you know customer experience

Our commitment is to achieve and sustain continuous improvement from the service we provide, with the purpose of guaranteeing a high standard of quality and providing a competitive value in the market.

Virtual Connection has years of experience with Customer Experience Monitoring for both internal and external customers. We have an empirical knowledge to evaluate, improve and define how we approach your problems. We use a variety of quality monitoring products, tailoring our services to a variety of your business needs:

- Hidden Client:

We experience and evaluate the service provided to your client, from your entry in the Call Center, until your full use of the services.

- Audit Process of Attendance:

We audit the customer service process provided to your client, from your first entry in the Call Center, through the line across our broad range of services.

- Quality monitoring:

We monitor client contact, with a focus on delivering excellence from our Customer Service Center. With the data and information we collect, we identify where you can improve and use them in the development of our attendant's in our training and continuing education process.

- Feedback monitoring:

We monitor the feedback to measure the performance of our attendant's and provide service improvement, aiming to achieve the objectives of your operation.

- Analysis of the Results and Action Plan:

We consolidate all necessary data and information, providing a 360 degree view of micro and macro aspects of the business.