Solution on Customer Service - SCS to promote your business while generating profit

Virtual Connection has solutions for a complete and personalized relationship for each industry segment (Retail, Education, Finance, Health, Telecom, Government, among others). We provide customized, adaptable solutions for client´s specific needs.

We focus on a clear commitment to quality, building confidence, overcoming challenges, while reducing costs and increasing our clients' performance. Through our expertise and methodologies to minimize the impacts of operation migration and deployment, we increase the learning curve, guaranteeing SLA delivery. This maximizes:

Customer Attendance

  • - Complete structure of outsourcing (infrastructure, people and technology).
  • - Provide information, overcoming objections and complaints, while providing customized solutions for your customers.
  • - Experienced teams in customer service operations with management models and customized methodologies.

Sales and negotiations

  • - Televendas ativas (outbound), receptivas (inbound) e interações online (redes sociais, Chat e Whatsapp).
  • - Tecnologias de discadores e URA Reversa, entre outras disponíveis no mercado.
  • - Times de planejamento e gestão, com foco em atingir e superar metas.
  • - Operadores com experiência em vendas, constantemente treinados e reciclados, alinhados às estratégias do cliente.


We have dynamic solutions for receivables management as well as support and relationships with defaulters. We seek efficiency in the process of positive actions, feedback of delays, anticipation of cash flow and the reconquering of clients. We act in a preventive and corrective way, in order to establish improvement in Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)
  • - Team of specialists responsible for the management of KPI's, strategic partnerships, innovation, while managing negotiation rules and steps of collection.

Back Office

Back-up operation with a suitable solution for each customer. We offer a back office management, with monitoring and treatment of all stages of the process, providing an increase in productivity and reduction in operating costs. Our focus is on the solution, process adjustment and performance enhancement.

Decentralized Contact Center:
Developments for cities and results for the client.

Virtual Connection maintains and offers its clients a structure of sites located in the major cities in Brazil as well as in some smaller cities in the interior of the country.

Our competitive advantages:

  • - Cloud Computing Technology
  • - Flow of calls in different time zones
  • - Call overflow with connections to Centers which have greater capacity
  • - We hire the best professionals
  • - Differentiated standard quality and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) of excellence
  • - Conversational language
  • - Voice Recognition Interaction
  • - High performance of acknowledgement
  • - Online monitoring panel (navigation, recordings, data, among others)
  • - Customized agents (gender, name, voice and language)
  • - Customized workflows.