A guaranteed sale needs an effective structure

Virtual Connection provides solutions for all stages of the process, from knowledge of the final consumer (location, hygiene and enrichment of bases) to structuring the offer and the sale. We are always seeking high quality results.


Outbound sales with automatic dialing
Predictive - optimization of agents.
Progressive - sequential attempts.
Preview - preparation for complex sales.


Receptive sales with differentiated skills. We set up specialized islands by products, clients, services, etc. Maintaining the adherence to our customers´ marketing and sales strategies.

Online interactions

Social media
WhatsApp, BOT and Virtual attendance

Researched integraded solutions for outbound sales

Virtual Connection develops modular products, aimed towards the B2B or B2C audiences.

SPECIFIC MONITORING Higher quality sales, which accompanies the seller from first approach to the finalization of sale. Focused on the sale: Sales Strategy, a focus on closing, aggressiveness and overcoming objections. Quality of the sale: Compliance with business rules, validation of the sale process, monitoring and auditing.

Technology  for approaching sales through multiple channels

Our technologies allow segmentation of calls, without the need to interrupt the operation.

Information based on client: Strategies and adaptation of the business rules, aligned to business purposes and goals.

We turn Solutions for Customer Service into improvements in the sales process

  • Production Planning and Control (PPC) - Focused on optimizing and providing the best analysis, mailing strategies and dialing rules.
  • Teams specialized in sales strategies.
  • Data Enrichment aligned with client´s business needs.
  • Segmentations with attention on increasing performance.
  • Sales Analysts who focus on the customer with special attention to products, services and market adherence of your competitors.
  • Issuing indicators as per the request of clients.
  • Control and monitoring reports with intraday partial closures.
  • Online monitoring with focus on quality and adherence to processes, with qualitative and quantitative quartile evaluation.
  • Sales-oriented prioritization, alignment, understanding and improvement of the sales process.


First approach technology which helps drive sales through multiple channels. (voice, email, webchat, sms, etc)

Solutions for mapping all possible process improvements and facilitating sales while working as an audit process.
- Focus on the solutions and on deviation of sales negotiation process and on performance enhancement
- Continuous process improvement.
- We search for solutions to facilitate sales through systemic improvement.


We provide solutions for mapping all possible process improvements, making it easy to sell and run as an audit.
- Focus on the solutions and on deviation of sales negotiation process and on performance enhancement.
- Continuous process improvement.
- Search for solutions to facilitate sales through systemic improvement.