We take care of everything, so you can take care
of the most important part: Your business.

Virtual Connection enables you to promote the best and most complete experience for your customer. We implement and manage your outbound or inbound Contact Center in a conventional, decentralized (in-house) model, as well as on a home-based model. We are always applying the best practice procedures in our technology and operating solutions. YCC will attend to your needs, through customer contact experience management.

YCC attends to your needs through: management of customer contact experience with its central office, best practices for control and monitoring of indicators / results (PPC), with state-of-the-art availability SLAs (CaaS). All of which enables a more strategic management of your interactions with your customers and prospects, all done online and intuitively.

With dynamic deployment times and infrastructure allocated to the best and largest Data Centers locally as well as all of Latin America. Our servers and data centers are built to service all of our customer's needs.

Accelerate the performance
of your operations.

Digital and Voice Solutions

Voice Portal, Virtual Agents, Integration with CRMs, Email Management, Dialers, Automatic Negotiation, IVR, SMS Management, 24/7 Support, Integrations, PBX and DAC, Click to Call, Voice and Screen Recording, Training, Reporting Productivity, Quality Reports, Proximity Marketing, Multichannel Customer Service: WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS and E-mail.

Gain peace of mind
and focus on your business

Home Based

Enables operators to work in remote offices or in their own homes.

PPC - Production Planning and Control

Allows a clear visualization of the current scenario, making possible to adequate and better reorganize operational processes, granting advantages to project and meet future results.

Our Production Planning and Control will give you a clear vision of the current situation. This will allow you to reorganize operational processes, giving you the advantage and opportunity to meet future needs.

Quality Improvement   

A system that evaluates the human aspects aiming the improvement of the processes and the evolution of the result.


We deliver the Call Center
platform with various solutions and features:

  • - Latest generation Data center
  • - DAC / CTI - Automatic Call Distribution
  • - Graphic IVR Attendance - Advanced and Reverse
  • - Cloud based Call Recording Platform
  • - Delivery of SMS and Social Networks
  • - Automatic Dialing of phone Calls
  • - Basic CRM allowing for Contact Registration and call rescheduling
  • - Reporting and BI system for extracting information
  • - Web based Control Panel
  • - Backup information
  • - Easy integration with other systems
  • - Contact Center technology and virtualization with over 18 years of market experience